Getting to the Heart of It

(An old post I never shared, but wanted to! I’m not exactly a timely individual.)

There are few things that I love more than artichokes. I could eat them everyday. Prepared any way, in any shape. An addiction? Perhaps. But one I’ll gladly keep.

I love that it takes work and effort to get to the best part of the artichoke – the heart. Every leaf, every layer brings you one step closer to enjoying that tender, well-protected center. And I love the unmistakable flavor and taste that lingers in your mouth long after you’ve finished savoring one. Lucky for me, the artichoke is a staple in Roman cuisine. And if you happen to be in Rome when they are in season, well then you’ve just found a little piece of heaven.

Continuing on my quest for the most delicious artichoke dish ever, this time I ventured to the Jewish Ghetto, a Roman quarter known for “Carciofi all Giudia” or artichokes Jewish style. A whole artichoke twice deep fried until the outside is golden and crispy and oh so delicious. This particular artichoke dish was accompanied by a fried zucchini flower, another favorite of mine. The crowning glory of this meal, however, was the tagliatelle with artichokes. The pasta was so fresh and just the right texture and shape for the artichokes to adhere to. A simple dish permeated by the slightly sweet yet powerful flavor of the artichoke. Just the very thought of how it tasted makes me happy. Mmmm love on a plate!

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