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I’m Antonia, aspiring writer and experienced wine professional and sommelier living in Italy.

Somewhere between moving to another country, building a wine career, and carving out my path, my love of writing got put on a shelf somewhere, dusty and forgotten. 

Now, as I grow more fully into myself, my intention is to embrace and nurture the writing that I’ve put aside for all these years. This space is where I aim to rediscover, give form to and bring to light my creative self.

Here I’ll write about those things that I have become passionate about these last years, mostly Italian wine and Italy, interwoven with personal experience. But I’ll also give space to more personal essays, those reflections and musings that are integral to growth and moving forward on the path.

Time is precious. What we choose to give our energy and attention to is important. So whether you’ve just taken a quick look around or read through some pieces, thank you for stopping by and giving your time, energy and attention to my words.

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There is a Place

In Florence there is a place I go to seek respite from the frenetic city, the chaos of everyday life and, above all, my noisy mind. It has become an oasis of sorts. It is a place that, simply stated, makes me feel good, whole, where for a few moments I can put all things aside and be open to something greater. And no matter where we live we each have this place – a […]

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A sense of Place

Wine wasn’t always what I wanted to do and many years ago I wasn’t even aware that this could be a viable profession. However, as I quietly reflect I see how closely it is tied to my past, a past that really shaped the person that I am today and the trajectory of my life. My parents are Italian immigrants and began taking my sister and me to Italy before our first birthdays. As a […]

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A Serendipitous Discovery of an Ancient Wine – Part I

Anyone who has travelled by car or train through Italy knows how quickly the landscape varies as you make your way down the boot. Traveling southward on the Autostrada del Sole from Rome to Naples, you begin to notice how the verdant, dense mountain ranges of Lazio transform into mountain slopes resembling green ocean waves, crest and troughs alternate between thick woodlands and sparse-covered rocky soils. Fertile lands later spread forth vast and open from […]

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