April Events in Bologna, Italy…and Beyond

Can you feel it? Spring seems to finally be here (at least I hope)! With April now in full swing, sunny days, full piazzas, long passeggiate (walks) and lots of outdoor dining can be expected and enjoyed. Let’s hope the weather cooperates and those April showers remain at bay, since there are some interesting events happening in and around Bologna. Below are a few that I’ve rounded up. Suggestions and additions are welcomed.

 Food & Wine Events

April 4, 11, 18, & 25 | Mercato della Terra di Bologna

Every Saturday from 9am until 2pm in Piazzetta Pasolini (courtyard of Cinema Lumière) you can taste fresh fish, meat dishes prepared on the spot, organic wine, and local artisanal beer.

Location: Porto districit (Bologna) | Slow Food 328 1396004


April 4, 11, & 18 | “Vignaioli in Enoteca”

The winemaker is in! A great way to get to know local winemakers and varieties, and to taste local specialties. Open and free to the public. From 2:30pm to 6pm.

Location: Dozza | Regional wine bar of Emilia Romagna 0542 367700


April 6, 12, 19, & 26 (and May 3)

Themed tastings paired with regional gastronomic delicacies led by a sommelier. Wines include – Malbo Gentile April 6, Lambrusco and Bosco Eliceo April 12, Chardonnay on April 19, Sauvignon on April 26, Albana on May 3. Tasting of 3 wines 6 euro + small plate 2 euro. From 2:30pm to 6:30pm.

Location: Dozza | Regional wine bar of Emilia Romagna 0542 367700


April 10 – 12 | Very Slow Italy, Festa della Primavera delle Cittaslow

This exhibition and market, now in it’s 10th year, showcases food, wine, and handicrafts typical of Citta’ Slow d’Italia (or Slow Towns of Italy, think Slow Food movement). The event takes place just outside of Bologna in Castel San Pietro Terma, reachable by bus or train from the center of Bologna. The two days are quite packed with activities and one event in particular seems quite interesting, that is if you’re like me and are interested in delving into the culture of a local area through wine. The event, Very Wine, gives visitors the opportunity to visit and explore local wines by offering guided visits of selected wineries led by sommeliers. For more information on the two-day program, click here.

Location: Castel San Pietro Terme | Ufficio Turismo 051 6954112


April 10-12 | Voluptates

The town of Imola, located about 40km outside of Bologna, plays host to the 12th edition of this wine tasting event, held in the historic center at Il Museo di San Domenico. The event is dedicated to the great wines of Italy, France and other regions of Europe with such prestigious labels as Yquem a Taittinger, Dom Perignon, Vega Sicilia, Gaja, Dal Forno, and Sassicaia being poured and accompanied by local gastronomic products. Entrance is 15 euros for a tasting of up to 5 wines, with additional tastings running from 1 to 12 euors, depending on the rarity and prestige of the wine. For more information visit the Voluptates website.

Location: Imola | Museo San Domenico 0542 602609

Voluptates 2015
Voluptates 2015

April 19 | Festival of the Soup

Here in Italy they have feasts and festivals for every kind of food imaginable. Soup is no different, and frankly in my opinion, doesn’t get enough praise. Thankfully, there is this event. Now in its 10th year participants from all over the world take part in this fun-filled soup competition. From 3pm until evening in the Pilastro area of Bologna (Via Salgari). To register to be a participant, check out this link.

Location: Bologna | Associazione culturale Oltre 051 6390743

Festival della Zuppa 2015
Festival della Zuppa 2015

Art & Culture

For all you art-lovers and museum-goers, there is good news that you may not have yet heard about – All civic and municipal museums, parks, and archeological sites are free the first Sunday of the month. While it may not be applicable to the month of April (given the first Sunday of the month has passed), it’s something to note going forward.

Civic Museums of Bologna include:

Pinacoteca Nazionale Bologna BO 14.00 – 19.00 14.00 – 19.00
Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna in Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande Bologna BO 9.00 – 13.30 9.00 – 13.30

Here’s a list of what’s open all across Italy – #DomenicalMuseo

Both of the exhibits I wrote about last month in March events in Bologna and Beyond are still on for this month so check those out.

Bologna has done a great job of rebranding recently and is really pushing springtime events in art, culture, and music. The Bologna Welcome website gives a thorough run down of all the happenings in these areas for this month. Check it out here – Springtime is Bologna

Springtime is Bologna
Springtime is Bologna

April 21 – 26 | Live Arts Week IV

A unique week-long event dedicated to the live arts, including live performances, and sound and lighting installations, taking place at MAMbo (Museum of Modern Art in Bologna) and Ex Opsedale dei Bastardini.

Location: Bologna | More details here.


April 19 until July 19 | La Rosa de Foc: Picasso and Gaudí’s Barcelona

Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara, located just about 50km north of Bologna and easily reachable by train, hosts this exhibit which tells the story of the fertile yet turbulent time at the turn of 20th century Barcelona, and of the colourful, hot-tempered group of artists that animated them. The inventions of Lluís Domènech and especially Gaudí, the visionary innovator of architecture and interior design, alternate with masterpieces by some of the most important figures in Catalan painting and sculpture.

Location: Ferrara | Palazzo dei Diamanti (for more info)

Hermen Anglada Camarasa Il pavone bianco, 1904
One of the paintings on display:
Hermen Anglada Camarasa
Il pavone bianco, 1904


Digital Events

April 19 | Bologna Photo Marathonphotomarathonflyer-frontbolognapmrev3

Nine hours to showcase the culture and beauty of Bologna through photos on nine given topics. That’s the aim of this photographic initiative, open to citizens, tourists, and photo lovers alike. A jury composed of professional photographers, sponsor representatives and local boards will then select winners who will be invited to a final award ceremony.

Location: Bologna | More details here.


April 19 – May 3 | #InvasioniDigitali

Invasioni Digitali, or Digital Invasions, began as a grassroots movement two years ago to promote Italy’s cultural and artistic patrimony. The idea is for people to descend on museums and cultural heritage spots in “mobs” and share their experience via blogs and social media. The initiative is meant to transform cultural heritage into something that’s “open, welcoming, and innovative.” Digital invasions are taking place all over Italy between this period. Click here to get involved and for locations in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, and in other cultural hubs.

Location: Italy | #InvasioniDigitali

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**Just a note: April 25th is Liberation Day here in Italy. It falls on a Saturday and you can be sure Italians will be taking an extra day or two of vacation and making a long weekend of it. If you’re looking for ideas on where to go and what to visit in Bologna and beyond for a holiday weekend, check back here on the blog where I’ll be writing about some nearby towns that are worth a visit.

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