Let’s Drink!

In Bologna there is definitely no shortage of places to grab a cocktail or glass of vino.  Or two. However, after some time the usual spots can get a bit repetitive. Below are some of my favorite watering holes in Bologna, each offering something different but all easily reachable as they are located in the city center.

Camera a Sud – All you need to know about this little bar tucked under the porticos is white, red, rose’ or bubbles. You might occasionally be able to request a Spitz (Aperol with Prosecco) but Camera a Sud serves 150 different wines (and a few artisanal beers) so there’s really no need for anything else. Eclectic, intellectual, and bohemian, Camera a Sud is a great place to gather for lunch, aperitivo, or a night out with friends. Just be sure to call ahead for reservations because it can get quite packed most nights, especially on the weekends.

Via Valdonica 5, Open from Mon – Sat 12pm – 1am and Sundays 5pm – 1am

Osteria Marsalino – This simple and cozy osteria is a staple in Bolognese night life. And it’s also tiny. Very tiny. But that doesn’t deter folks one bit. Not at all. And this is what’s great about the Osteria Marsalino. People spilling out onto the street, cocktails and wine in hand, chatting away. Reservations are recommended.

Via Marsala 13/d, Open everyday from 12pm – 3am, closed for lunch on Sundays

Boavista –  If you want a bit of the cosmopolitan nightlife in Bologna, then Boavista is your place. Rich, velvety interiors and warm, dim lights make this the ideal place to sip on one of your favorite cocktails with friends or a date. Boavista boasts one of the most extensive cocktail menus in Bologna, but , more importantly, this lounge makes some of the tastiest, most colorful concoctions in town.

Via Cesare Battisti, 9

Agua –  Agua is a lot of things rolled into one. Osteria, restaurant, wine and cocktail bar, showroom. You can eat there or you can take out. And sometimes you can even see an art exhibit. Its earth friendly, dog friendly, there is a book share, and the products and ingredients used are seasonal and local, what they call here in Italy kilometro zero. It’s a new concept and a great one at that. Walk in and you’ll feel as if you could be in any city, in any part of the world. Weekday nights are on the quieter side while Fridays and Saturdays are crowded and lively.

Via Saragozza 63/b, Open every day from 7pm – 1am

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