Life is in the Details

There are many things that I love about Italy but, for me, what I love most is in the details. Life is in the details here. To me it is the beauty and attraction of this country. In Italy, every moment counts. Yes, it is true Italians are known for la dolce vita (the sweet life) and their unparalleled philosophy of savoring and actually living life. But it is more than this. In Italy there is feeling in every movement, every hand gesture, every roll of the “r”, every enunciated vowel. Everything has a story and meaning to it from the cuisine, to the unrivaled art and architecture, down to the specific word chosen to express a thought or sentiment. Perhaps, if one has not yet experienced the culture, it might be difficult to understand exactly what I am trying to convey here. I tried to select the best and most appropriate words to clearly explain my idea but nothing felt quite right. Or perhaps my writing has fallen short. So, where my words have failed, I have decided to use pictures (completely amateur by the way). Sometimes I feel photos tend to convey emotion better and, hopefully, in this case, they will convey that the life, the beauty is in the details.

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